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Goose Tracks

This attractive pattern is most often called Goose Tracks, but like most quilting patterns from our rich heritage, it can also be found under many other names: Lily Pond, Crossroads, Dove at the Crossroads, Pride of Italy, Duck Paddle, Fanny's Fan, Flying Darts, Bluebirds Flying, Dove in the Window, Sage Bud, Fancy Flowers, Lily Corners, and Crows Foot, to name a few. (Whew!) No matter what it is called, it is a wonderfully variable pattern and can have many different looks depending on your color placement (perhaps that's why it has been given so many different names!).

This pattern is for a 10" block and looks great set with plain alternate blocks. Pattern pieces are shown finished size, and must have a seam allowance added before cutting. Click here for the pieces.

Piecing sequence is as follows:





For those of you who just hate machine-piecing those set-in shapes, this is your chance to start hand-piecing (if you haven't already discovered the pleasure.) Set-in pieces are easy to do by hand and you can join the happy quilters who have discovered how nice it is to have a "take along" project at the ready. Great for all those little segments of time spent waiting for an appointment, waiting to pick up the kids, or even just sitting, chatting with friends. There are so many opportunities to squeeze in a little more sewing, and all of those moments can add up to an extra quilt or other project. So what are you waiting for?

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